Welcome to the AWPLN blog. Our intention is to celebrate and disseminate research undertaken by Australian women in the area of private law. If you’re wondering what ‘private law’ encompasses, please see here.

If we have missed any work or news, please contact us (by commenting, by using the “Contact us” mechanism on this post, emailing us at austwomenprivlawnet[at]gmail.com or other social media means) and we will add them to the post. Our intention is to be as inclusive as possible and we want to know about your publications!

We now have a Twitter handle: @AustralianWome1

We also have an open Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/austwpln/

Work published by Australian women in private law from September 2018 to December 2018:

We are aware of the following publications (in alphabetical order according to author surname):

Promotions of women in private law in 2018:

We are aware of the following promotions of women in private law:

  • Dr Philippa Ryan (UTS) was promoted to Senior Lecturer.
  • Dr Kylie Burns (Griffith) and Dr Rosemary Langford (MLS) were promoted to Associate Professor.
  • Dr Katy Barnett (MLS), Dr Lyria Bennett Moses (Syd), Dr Jeannie Paterson (MLS) and Dr Natale Skead (UWA) were promoted to Professor.

4 thoughts on “Inaugural post: celebrating private law research by Australian women in 2018

  1. Twitter has temporarily suspended our twitter account because I (Katy) stupidly put 1 December 2018 as the birthday of the account (date I set up website) and it said I was underage. :-/ I guess at least I got asked to show my ID?


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