We are up to our penultimate post for 2019!


We have become aware of the following publications in private law:

Grants awarded:

We have been told of the following grants:

  • Elise Bant, ‘Unravelling Corporate Fraud: re-purposing ancient laws for modern times’ (ARC Future Fellowship Award);
  • Kirsty Gover, ‘Understanding and Recognising Indigenous Law and Legal Systems’ (ARC Future Fellowship Award);
  • Vicki Huang and Sue Finch, ‘Gender and Australian Patent Application Outcomes’. Deakin Science & Society Interdisciplinary Project Incubator Award (Commencing 2020).


Professor Elise Bant will be moving from Melbourne Law School to the Law School at University of Western Australia on 1 January 2020, but will retain a position as a Professorial Fellow at MLS.

The usual caveat:

As always, if we’ve left anything out, please let us know and we’ll update the list and tweet updates. Our aim with this blog is to be as inclusive as possible. Please contact us (by commenting, by using the “Contact us” mechanism on this post, emailing us at austwomenprivlawnet[at]gmail.com or other social media means) and we will add your publications or news to the post.

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